Hawaiian Body Work

An ancient healing path passed down by oral tradition, Hawaiian Body Work incorporates intentions, energetics & massage. It is a practice that requires self clearing and initiation prior to working with clients.

Benefits Of Hawaiian Body Work
  • Reduces Stress, 
  • Encourages deep relaxation, 
  • Promotes freedom in body, mind and spirit, 
  • Improves energy, 
  • Enhances healing, 
  • Harmonizes inner connections,
  • Creates a deeper capacity to be in the present
Lomilomi Massage: 

The Hawaiian spiritual tradition of Lomilomi places an equal emphasis on connecting your spirituality with the earth, your body and your emotions. This practice encourages us to celebrate all of life's challenges, joys and opportunities.

Lomilomi is an ancient holistic healing art. It is a system of foundational communication involving bio-mechanics and energy waves that stimulate healing and promote regeneration.

Sessions Include:

Intentions/pules, chants, chakra healing bowls, organic oils and aromatherapy sprays.

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